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Dealing with car problems is not only a time-consuming and frustrating experience, it is often expensive. Let us take this burden away from you by bringing your car over to us for a free consultation.

Almeida Auto Industry has officially opened up it's doors in the heart of Linden NJ; very well positioned to service the tri-state area. We have decades of experience in auto repair, diagnostics & maintenance on some of the world's finest automobiles ranging from brands such as Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes, BMW & all the way down to normal every day cars. We at AAI strive to make car repair and maintenance affordable, convenient, and transparent; Features in an auto mechanic shop you'd be hard pressed to find these days. Come visit us and bring your car in for a free consultation today!

Services We Provide:

  • Computer Diagnostics
  • ABS / Air Bags
  • Complete Engine Maintenance & Care
  • Brake Servicing / Replacing
  • Steering / Suspension
  • A/C Repair & Charging
  • Wheels / Tires
  • Vehicle Wraps & Paint Protection
  • Auto Glass Repair & Replacement
  • All Diagnostics

Melly's Rings

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Melly’s Rings are the worlds first automotive wheel protection rings made of a high-grade material able to widthstand most curb related impacts and rash; prolonging the life of your wheels as well as adding style.

Melly’s Rings Rim Protection rings are a product of German engineering at it’s finest. The rings are produced entirely in Germany and are truly unique and unprecedented in rim protection. They are also an incredible accessory, enhancing the look of your vehicle with many options from tuning related enhancements, to an OEM look and feel. We also offer custom branding options to really promote your brand and create a stronger identity and presence. Contact us to learn more.

Some of our rings options:

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Solid Color / OEM Match

This option comes in 1 solid color of your choice for all four rings. We also do OEM wheel color matching for a larger wheel diameter / low-profile tire look without any of the discomfort.

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Blank Slate

A blank slate is our basic ring and most affordable option which allows you to create your own designs as you please. These rings adhere well with most paints and vinyl stickers. The options are endless!

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Pre-developed Designs

We carry a variety of pre-developed designs for our rings with a wide array of options to choose from. Some of our most notable designs relate to country spirit, sports teams, car manufacturers among many other designs.

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Custom Designs & Branding

In addition to all of our pre-developed options available we also take custom orders for custom designs and branding necessities. Prices will vary dependent on the design, contact us for a quote.

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Melly’s Rings Rim Protection rings are a product of German engineering at it’s finest... well qualified to handle the demands of everyday use

Melly’s rings are printed individually with a high-tech digital high resolution printing system. The color ranges are extremely extensive, so that the individuality of our clients can be met without limits. The rings are then coated with a brilliant weather resistant protective coating which keeps the rings looking new for as long as you own them.

During the manufacturing process Melly’s rings are passed through extensive stages of quality control; they are well qualified to handle the demands of everyday use. When driving, you feel no difference, since Melly's are very light and easy to adapt to the shape of the rim and tire.

The assembly of Melly's onto your rims is extremely simple and can be done by any rim / tire shop. They are simply placed during tire mounting and are maintained in place by the air pressure within the tire.

About Us

Almeida Auto Industry was founded in 2014 by Claudio Almeida and wife Tania Almeida after decades of expertise in the automotive field; particularly an expertise in Porsche and European cars altogether. Claudio Almeida has been a master tech for Porsche in England for ten years before moving to the United States and continuing on with his automotive passion; notably working at a Ferrari service center performing anything and everything ranging from service related tasks to complete enginge rebuilds.

Together we are the sole providor of Melly's Protective Rim Rings in the United States

Prior to working at Porsche, Claudio worked many other mechanic and tuning related jobs and maintains an expertise and specialty in Turbo Charging applications. He has built numerous turbo charged vehicles into fire breathing exhilirating cars capable of putting a smile on any car enthusiasts face. In addition to the mechanical expertise Claudio also has years of experience and working knowledge in body repair work and painting.

Almeida Auto Industry has maintained close partnerships with some of the best automotive product providers in recent years; one of which is Melly's GmbH based in Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany. Together we are the sole providor of Melly's Protective Rim Rings in the United States, any competitor is just an imitation of our superb quality rings.

To place an order for a set of Melly's Rimp Protection Rings; or for any other automotive related solutions please contact us below:

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Need rim protection? Contact us today!

Almeida Auto Industry is based in the tri-state area; Linden NJ to be exact. You can contact us via the form on the right or by Phone or Skype options located below:

Contact Information:
Address: 1901 E. Linden Ave.
Unit 17
Linden, NJ 07036
Phone: 1.908.862.0959